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Co-Author, Heather Dawn Kraszewski

Heather was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at four months of age. Living a positive life full of laughter, she inspires and teaches valuable lessons about how life should be enjoyed and treasured each and every day.

Co-Author, Terry Kraszewski

Terry grew up in sunny Southern California, soaking up the sunshine, saltwater, and a love for the surfing lifestyle.

Terry has a degree in Early Childhood Development. Living near the ocean has been a wonderful place to raise two beautiful and talented daughters.

Terry owns a surf boutique called Ocean Girl in La Jolla, California, which features her own brand of surf inspired clothing called “Surf Angel.”

An “anything is possible” attitude created her optimistic approach and involvement in issues ranging from protecting the environment to finding the cure for cystic fibrosis.

Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, *aka The Real Gidget*

Kathy has become the surfing icon for generations. Transcending time, Kathy has inspired the youthful optimism and spirit that still allows us to dream.

Kathy lectures around the country sharing her delightful stories about those wonderful days in Malibu, so long ago.

Bonnie Bright

Bonnie Bright is a full time, freelance artist, balancing her time between hard work, family, and beach volleyball. Her artwork and animations appear on a wide range of educational computer games, children’s books, and children’s shows. The opportunity to utilize talents that include fine arts, portrait painting, 3D and traditional background art, 2D animation, and web design has Bright “surfing her dreams!”

Bright’s other titles include, "Peli Can Surf", “The Tangle Tower” (co-authored by Bright), “I Love You All The Time, ”Casey's Compost” and “Jasmine and the Snowman”.

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