“This magical Surf Angel book combines so many things that I cherish. As a surfer who loves the healing ocean, has three daughters, and is interested in helping with the Cystic Fibrosis cause there is an automatic connection between myself and this book. What an easy and wonderful way to share a special story and make a difference.”

~Laird Hamilton
Dad and big wave surfer


“The Surf Angel Book is a whimsical introduction into the wonders and creatures of the sea. A perfect adventure to expand the minds of young children and instill in them the beauty of one of our most treasured resources.
You will enjoy reading it to your children over and over again. The CD version has wonderful sounds of the ocean that will delight as well as educate.”

~Bing Copeland
Surfing Legend and Surfboard Pioneer


“Surf Angel is just the book to inspire young girls and boys to have a life-long love and respect for the ocean…A wonderful book for kids. Dream on.”

~Greg Noll ‘Da Bull’- Surf legend big wave rider and pioneer surfboard builder


Terry and Heather are one with the Ocean

They live and breathe the comforting motion

Their love makes everything right

For a long, safe, and peaceful night.

~Rusty Preisendorfer
Internationally Renowned Surfboard Shaper, Waterman, Socially-Responsible Philanthropist and Family man


“Surf Angel is the most adorable story book I have ever read to my children. I love introducing them to sea life with this sweet rhyme. I was in awe of the beautiful and amazing artwork! Each new page was a special surprise. Surf Angel has become one of my favorite children’s books. It will be a classic in my family that I hope to read to my grand children. People of all ages will enjoy this book for generations to come. I love Surf Angel!”

“That is a good book mommy! I like when the girl was sleeping and the Surf Angel was surfing in the sky. She is sneaky!” said my four-year-old son, Banyan, with a huge smile on his face. Nine-month-old, Coral, smiled and clapped!

~Shannon McIntyre
Artist, host of TV show On Surfari, and mommy
shannonsurf.com & onsurfari.com


“The proof is in the pudding. After reading this book with my 4 year old I asked him how he liked the book. His reaction was, “It was great. I liked the dolphins the best. Can we read it again?” I read to my children every night and find that the best bedtime stories are those that inspire, delight and calm. Terry Kraszewski’s book Surf Angel is just such a book. Beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Bright, “Surf Angel” succeeds masterfully in creating a magical tale that plays close to the heart of anyone with a love for the ocean.”

~Aaron Chang
Widely acknowledged as the “Best Surf Photographer in the World”


“Surf Angel is like a perfect evening on a tropical beach…it’s warm, soft, and magical. It’s a great way to snuggle up with your kids at bedtime. I wish that I could have read Surf Angel to my children when they were smaller…in fact, I’m thinking of having more kids just so I get to read this wonderful book to them.

I’m super stoked this book is out there for children…and their parents!!!”

~Karl Luber, MD
President of The WindanSea Surf Club


“Any child swept into the sea-world of the ‘Surf Angel’ will not soon forget their visitations with the whales, dolphins and other magical creatures of the deep. This book is a delight!”

~Dick Russell
Author of “Eye of the Whale”


Looking for some healing relief from a jittery world?
Terry and Heather Kraszewski’s ‘Surf Angel’ will soothe your rattled psyche with a soft caressing breeze.
Be you young or old, when you take a dip in this most sweet and gentle sea of fantasy, you’ll want to play there…and stay there.

~Michael Dormer
Famed ‘Hot Curl’ cartoonist, Sculptor, Political Satirist and Internationally recognized Artist


This beautiful book will appeal to everyone who loves both children and the ocean. As a physician who specializes in the care of children with cystic fibrosis and as a surfer, it is especially meaningful to me. How fitting that proceeds from this work will help support the search for new ways to treat CF, such as salt water mist inhalation first inspired by the improvement enjoyed by surfers with CF.

~Mark Pian
Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Specialist and Surfer


Surf Angel is a magical tale that I wish I’d had as a child. The story and illustrations are a welcoming and playful introduction for children to our magnificent ocean. It will invite all little groms to drift into a fantasy of pure delight.”

~Linda Benson – Surfing Champion, 1st woman to appear on the cover surf magazines


A lot of us have kids and some of us (yikes!) grandkids, so this beautiful new children’s book (self-published by the Kraszewskis, the San Diego surfers who make those excellent Whale Tails corn chips – www.whaletailschips.com) might be just right for your next special-occasion purchase.

Surf Angel is a dreamy bedtime narrative that will (I’m quite sure) send those little urchins off with mellow cadences tumbling through their minds. Bonnie Bright’s illustrations are phenomenal, the images just right for those sleepy eyes to drift off into the Land of Nod and far-off cloud breaks. Surf Angel comes with an audio CD, beautifully narrated by Gidget herself (aka Kathy Kohner Zuckerman), wrapt in the soothing sounds of the ocean and the same cast of creatures that are found in this wonderful volume.

~Drew Kampion
U.S. editor of SURFER’S PATH magazine


My son, Jayden LOVES the book. It is amazing how he responds to it. We have listened to the CD while reading the book for the last 5 nights, per Jayden’s request and then he tells me to turn out the lights as the book finishes and then falls right to sleep with the ocean sounds. Usually it is a fight in that he wants to keep reading 10 more books and has a fit when I turn the lights out. It is a blessing. The first night we played it, I fell asleep with him right away and woke up at midnight in his bed. I have to be careful because it works on me also…ha!

It is truly a very special book in SO many ways, it has touched my heart.

~Amy Gins Stroller Strides Instructor, La Jolla Shores
Helping Moms Make Strides In Fitness, Motherhood, and Life ®


I wanted to tell you how much our 1 1/2 year old, Sienna, loves her Surf Angel book. We need to get another copy because she carries it around everywhere and it’s going to get destroyed. We want to keep the autographed copy in nice shape. We are thinking about taking her to Sea World soon. She loves dolphins. She says “surfing, dolphins and crab.” Her daddy told her tonight that if she drank all her milk the Surf Angel would come give her a kiss tonight and she picked up her bottle and drank it!

~ Monique Oliver Macrdechian

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